Candidates must be SGH graduates, i.e., persons who have obtained the professional title of licencjat or magister (bachelor or master), or the academic degree of doktor or doktor habilitowany (PhD or associate professor), holding either Polish or other citizenship.

The Award is given in the following categories:

  1. International Alumni– for citizens of other countries or Polish citizens who moved abroad after graduation who are not tax residents of Poland.
  2. Polish Alumni – for alumni not falling under Item 1.

For each category, the Award is granted in the fields of Science, Business, and Society. The achievements that serve as the basis for assessment are specified under § 2(4)-(6) of the Rules and Regulations. Achievements from the last four years before the submission deadline are taken into account.


The right to submit candidates for the title is the right of all members of the SGH community, i.e. employees, students, PhD students, and graduates of SGH. 

If no candidates are submitted in a given category, the Jury may submit their suggestions after the deadline specified in the schedule for the given edition.

Submissions can be made via the FORM.

Before filling out the form, please prepare the following information.

Download the model consent form for the candidate.
Download the model statement of citizenship and tax residence (for candidates submitted for the International Graduates category